Book released on principles of Soft War

Publish Date : Monday 28 October 2013 - 11:29
The Institute for Islamic Culture & Thought (IICT) has recently published a new title on the intellectual principles of Soft War.
Book released on principles of Soft War
IBNA: The book argues that much has so far been told and written about the Soft War against the Islamic Republic of Iran; but the impact of intellectual principles like epistemology, religious studies and assessment of values have been largely neglected by researchers and the work is written to address this gap in the literature about the subject.

The book contains 11 articles which recount on the issue of Soft War from various angles.

One of the chief objectives of the book is identification of all facets of the war; Soft War is like a military offensive with all the means, tactics and features which need to be addressed and well considered by any country to be able to defense its nations against it.

The book tries to answers question like what is Soft War, what are its major features and what are its tactics.
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