Researcher calls for production of works on Capitulation Bill

Publish Date : Saturday 26 October 2013 - 17:37
Research deputy of the Islamic Revolution Document Center has called on researchers and scholars to focus on the Capitulation Bill in Iran and produce works in this regard.
Akbar Ashrafi
Akbar Ashrafi
IBNA: Speaking with IBNA, Akbar Ashrafi said that many works have so far been published in Iran on the subject but it is needed that a number of writers and researchers gather together and write a single book about the Capitulation Bill in Iran in order to familiarize the younger generation with the issue.

As he said, the issue of Capitulation in Iran is one of the key topics for the Islamic Republic of Iran so far as it is related to the sovereignty, integrity and dignity of Iran and all Iranians.

He further asserted that all the tapes of Imam Khomeini’s speeches in 1964 are available and can be made accessible to the interested researchers.

During his speeches, Imam Khomeini asserted that the bill would ruin Iranians’ independence.
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