Iranian poet:

Resistance Poetry Congress; an opportunity for interaction

Publish Date : Tuesday 22 October 2013 - 13:39
Iranian poet Hussein Esrafeili says that inviting foreign poets to the International Resistance Poetry Congress can indeed be an opportunity for them to interact with national poets.
Resistance Poetry Congress; an opportunity for interaction
IBNA: Works submitted to the 4th International Resistance Poetry Congress are similar to the previous edition, in terms of quality and quantity, the member of the congress’s scientific board said. 

He added that International Resistance Poetry Congress showcases cultural products.
Poets should use such opportunities for communicating with foreign poets, Esrafeili noted. 

Poets from Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Germany have sent works to the congress. 

The 4th Congress of International Islamic Resistance Poetry will begin in Iran on November 4 running for three days. 

Similar to the former editions of the congress, three books will be published after the congress, which will entail articles, poems and interviews.

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