Iranian poet:

“Resistance poetry; a valuable event in region, world"

Publish Date : Sunday 13 October 2013 - 11:42
Illustrious Iranian poet and writer Kamran Sharafshahi says that resistance poetry is a valuable event is the region and world.
“Resistance poetry; a valuable event in region, world"
IBNA: The congress of resistance poetry is a new movement which, indeed, attracted several poets and researchers of resistance literature in Iran and the world. 

The International Islamic Resistance Poetry Congress steps forward in line with the world’s developments, he added. 

The congress’s first edition was held while Islamic Awakening was still in its first stages, he said and added: “Inviting Iranian and foreign poets, the congress has researched the field of resistance literature.” 

The submitted poems and articles should be released as English and Arabic books, he noted.
Poets from Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Germany have sent works to the congress. 

The 4th Congress of International Islamic Resistance Poetry will begin in Iran on November 4 for three days.
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