Over 1000 works screened for Resistance Poetry Congress

Publish Date : Tuesday 8 October 2013 - 15:05
The executive secretary of the 4th International Islamic Resistance Poetry Congress said that as many as 1,054 works have been submitted to the secretariat of the congress of which 45 works have been selected as winners.
Over 1000 works screened for Resistance Poetry Congress
IBNA: According to the news headquarters of the congress, Nasrollah Salehnejad has said that of the selected works, 25 works are in English and Arabic.

The festival is aimed at promotion of the quality level of the works produced in the genre, he added.

Besides poetry collections, 28 scholarly papers and three theses were submitted to the congress.

Poets from Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Germany have sent works to the congress, he added.

Like former editions of the congress, three books will be published after the congress entailing articles, poems and interviews by poets of the congress. Last year the Arabic works were rendered into Persian and released in the Iranian book market.
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