Hitler Awakes in 2011 Berlin

Publish Date : Wednesday 3 July 2013 - 14:02
Iranian translator Mahshid Mirmoezi is nowadays translating ‘Er ist wieder da’ (‘He’s Back’), a book by Timur Vermes. In the satire book, Hitler awakes from a coma in 2011 but people assume he is an impersonator.
Hitler Awakes in 2011 Berlin
IBNA: In the novel, Hitler awakes in Berlin in the summer of 2011 having fallen asleep in 1945, in a deliberate parallel with the German fairytale Sleeping Beauty. 

He wakes up on an empty plot of land in Berlin. He has a bit of a headache. He is somewhat confused to find Berlin suddenly intact and not overrun with Russian soldiers. He wanders the streets until a newsagent takes pity on him and lets him sleep in his kiosk. People obviously recognize Hitler but they assume that he is a comedian playing a role. His unintentionally hilarious monologues and the way he never slips out of character cause a great deal of amusement. 

The novel topped the Spiegel fiction bestseller chart. Its publisher, Eichborn Verlag, raised the print run to 400,000 and sold translation rights for 17 languages, including Czech and Catalan as well as English. 

The book’s Persian translation will be released by Negah in Iran. 

The Persian translations of ‘When Nietzsche Wept’ by Irvin D Yalom, ‘Tumbas - Gräber von Dichtern und Denkern’ by Nooteboom as well as ‎ ‎Ossowski’s Herrn Rudolfs Vermachtnis are among Mirmoezi’s credits.

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