Complete biography of martyr Chamran to be released

Publish Date : Saturday 22 June 2013 - 11:16
The complete biography of martyr Mostafa Chamran, penned by his brother Mahdi Chamran, will be published by Martyr Chamran Foundation. He was martyred due to an explosion of Iraqi mortar in the battle field on June 21, 1981.
Complete biography of martyr Chamran to be released
IBNA: Written by his brother Mahdi Chamran, the complete biography of martyr Mostafa Chamran will be released by Martyr Chamran Foundation, the center’s executive manager Kazem Zebarjeddi said. 

Dr. Mostafa Chamran was an Iranian scholar and researcher who served as deputy prime minister, defense minister and a member of parliament. Chamran is also remembered because of his bravely challenging guerrilla achievements during the Iraqi’s war against Iran. 

Born 1932 in Tehran, he studied at the capital’s celebrated high schools; Darol Fonoon and Alborz. At the age of fifteen, Chamran started learning exegesis of the Holy Quran under the prominent master Ayatollah Taleghani. 

Martyr Morteza Motahari who taught him logic and philosophy had a significant impact on his personality. In 1956, Chamran received his bachelor’s degree from University of Tehran, Faculty of Theology, Tehran Times said. 

While in Tehran University, he was an active member of the Islamic Society. Then he took part in campaigns against the Shah’s dictatorship from 1953 coup d’état until his departures to the U.S. 

In 1957, Chamran left for the United States on a scholarship due to his good university marks. He managed to obtain a doctorate in electrical engineering & physics in plasma from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Moreover, while in the U.S., he helped to establish an Islamic Association of University Students, and Persian Collegians in California. Finally his political activities caused to cancel the scholarship by the former regime. 

Meanwhile the 15 Khordad Movement was underway in the country. During this time more than ever nation’s legitimate interests were oppressing by the Shah. 

Chamran decided to stay in Egypt in order to be trained like a commando under tough conditions. 

Following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979, Chamran returned home and shared all his skills and experiences. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Chamran became an active politician.
He served as the deputy prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran meanwhile he overcame some armed disturbances in Kurdistan Province. 

Following those achievements, he was appointed as defense minister by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic. 

Chamran was also a particular military advisor to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Among his important attempts in that period was the permutation of the then Iran’s army. 

Eventually his efforts resulted and the army’s structure was reformed radically. In March 1980, he was elected by people of Tehran to be their representative at the first Parliament of the Islamic Republic. 

However, the Iraqi-imposed war opened another chapter to Iranian heroes; defense of territorial integrity. 

Chamran who was a skillful partisan warrior hurried to the war front. He bravely took part in many defense activities as the commander of paramilitary volunteers (Baseej). 

He was martyred due to an explosion of Iraqi mortar in the battle field on June 21, 1981. Martyr Chamran, the epitome of resistance and self-sacrifice, might not be a well-known name around the world, but Iranians still remember him as a great hero.
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