Affection Commanders released in Iran

Publish Date : Monday 17 June 2013 - 16:26
A two-volume collection narrating memories about ten recognized Sacred Defense commanders like Mehdi Bakeri, Ebrahim Hemmat and Mostafa Chamran is published in the Iranian book market.
Affection Commanders released in Iran
IBNA: Entitled as the Commanders of Affection, the book is compiled by Martyr Kolahdooz Cultural Foundation and is published by Ketabdar Tous publications in Iran.

The volumes entail extracts from various books published about the martyrs like the Red Paveh, Death Runs away from Me, the Kurdistan Christ, Koushk Soft Dirt, God Wanted you Stay Alive, and the Kaveh Epic.

31 memories about martyr Mehdi Bakeri, 42 memories about Mostafa Chamran, 21 memories about Hussein Kharazi, 45 items about Mehdi Zeinedin, 21 memories about Ahmad Motavaselian, and 38 memories about Ebrahim Hemmat are compiled in the first volumes of the collection. There are also memories about Mohammad Boroujerdi, Abdolhussein Bronsi, Ali Sayyad Shirazi, and Mahmoud Kaveh in the second volume. The memories are collected from the martyrs’ comrades and relations.
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