Shakespeare in Iran

Publish Date : Monday 17 June 2013 - 16:32
Shakespeare, a book written by Peter Chrisp and translated by Reza Daduee, has been released in Iran.
Shakespeare in Iran
 IBNA: The book is original and exciting guide to the daily life, heady successes, and remarkable works of a talented playwright. 

The Iranian translator has also added information about Shakespeare’s plays, the positive and negative characters as well as terms and expressions in order to present a complete and comprehensive work to the reader. 

I have been translating Shakespeare since few years. Last year Sabzan Publications suggested Peter Chrisp’s Shakespeare to me which I accepted for translation. 

Talking about the translation, Reza Daduee said: “I learned that most of the theatre students have problems in reading the translations of Shakespeare’s works. I believe that most of the translators who converted Shakespeare’s tragedies into Persian were not familiar with theatre.”
I did my best to present fluent and well translations and I named them as Translations for Stage, he added. 

The Persian translation of Shakespeare, a book written by Peter Chrisp, has been released in 1000 copies and 128 pages. 

A Night Out, Ashes to Ashes, The Caretaker, Mountain Language, The Birthday Party, Monologue, Of Birds and Beasts as well as Professor Taranne are among Daduee’s credits.
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