Official: Imam Khomeini, reviver of Islam in 20th century

Publish Date : Monday 3 June 2013 - 12:23
Head of the foreign headquarters of the committee to mark the anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise said that Imam Khomeini was the reviver of the religion of Islam in the 20th century.
Official: Imam Khomeini, reviver of Islam in 20th century
IBNA: Addressing a conference entitled as Half a Century Awakening under the Shadow of Nabavi School on June 2, 2013, Hujatoleslam Moghaddam stated that Imam Khomeini’s movement was in fact a rejuvenating voice from the throat of a spiritual leader in an era when modernism was void of spirituality.

“Imam Khomeini did all he could to bring back religion to human life by clinging on three major approaches,” he stated. “The first approach was that Imam Khomeini viewed religion as humanitarian which makes sense only through human instinct and needs; secondly, Imam Khomeini believed that religion does not necessarily oppose human desires; and thirdly, religion is primarily build upon ethics.”

As Moghaddam said, Imam Khomeini observed all these approaches in his private, political, social and cultural life and regarded religion without ethics horrible and intolerable.

During the conference, Jafar Fazlollah from Lebanon, Prof. Akhtar Mahdi from India and Sheikh Mahdi Al-Hazim from Kuwait delivered speeches about Imam Khomeini’s personality and impact on the world of Islam.
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