Official underlines export of Islamic Revolution literature

Publish Date : Saturday 1 June 2013 - 16:21
Caretaker of the oral history section of the Islamic Revolution Literature Bureau underlined the need for translation of books on the Islamic Revolution into other languages in a bid to export the literature.
Official underlines export of Islamic Revolution literature
IBNA: Hujatoleslam Saeid Fakhrzadeh stated that many people in the world are interested in the Islamic Revolution literature of Iran and their desire should be satiated by translation of such works into different languages.

He went on to say that the oral history section of the Bureau is mostly concerned with the history of the Islamic Revolution and has less to do with the oral history of Imam Khomeini’ family and companions.

“Today, translation of Islamic Revolution literature and books as well as Imam Khomeini’s works and Sacred Defense titles into various languages of the world is of utmost importance,” he added.

As he said, there is no website to take care of the translation and introduction of Islamic Revolution works despite the growing need for learning about the literature in the world.

He further mentioned his recent visit from Afghanistan and Lebanon where they said they would love to read about Iran’s Islamic Revolution while there are no books explicitly published in their language to focus on the event.

“In Europe, people have an erroneous understanding of the Islamic Revolution owing to the wide-ranging propaganda blown by the west,” he further asserted. “Books must be rendered into English to introduce the Islamic Revolution to the people of other countries. Today, custodians of cultural affairs are responsible for mustering the required information for translation.”
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