Unfinished Notes published on Sacred Defense operations

Publish Date : Wednesday 29 May 2013 - 17:14
The Unfinished Notes is a new title published by Khorshid Baran Publications in Iran encompassing martyr Mehdi Khatami’s memories of five Sacred Defense operations.
Unfinished Notes published on Sacred Defense operations
IBNA: Compiled by Zahra Yazdinejad, the book focuses on operations Badr, Valfajr 1, Valfajr 8 and Karbala 1.

Martyr Mehdi Khatami was born in Tehran on July 23, 1964. A while after his birth, his family moved to a village named Pil-nour and then to Shiraz and Marvdasht.

At the age of 18 he joined the Sacred Defense army and was deployed to the war zone from Mazandaran Province in Valfajr 1 operation. The following year, he entered the seminary to study under the late Ayatollah Mojtahedi.

He took part in various operations including those considered in the book. He was killed by Baath forces in Karbala 5 Operation.

Besides memories, the book entails pictures, letters, will, documents and various other data about the writer at its final pages.
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