Supreme Leader praises Goodbye Karkheh

Publish Date : Tuesday 28 May 2013 - 10:39
“Simple, sweet, woeful is how the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei described Davoud Amirian’s Goodbye Karkheh in his review of the book.
Supreme Leader praises Goodbye Karkheh
IBNA: “The book’s writer is a Basiji in all stretches of the term,” reads a part of the Leader’s review of Amirian’s book.

In his review, the Supreme Leader praised the book as a great one. Released by Ayatollah Khamenei Works Preservation and Publication Bureau, the review entails points about the work overlooked mostly by many critics.

“Davoud Amirian began writing the book when he was still very young and in his teen years. In lieu of introducing war figures and personages, he focuses on personality traits and ethical values of comrades. The figures he focuses on in his book are either martyred, injured or living anonymously somewhere in the country,” reads a part of the review.

Goodbye Karkheh is arranged in four parts each consisting of several small chapters. The work encompasses memories of the Sacred Defense.

Amirian has so far penned 26 books. Goodbye Karkheh was his first book and he had it published by Soureh Mehr when he was 19. Most of his books focus of the Sacred Defense events and have so far won him great literary awards.
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