Over 300 English books to be screened for Martyr Avini Literary Award

Publish Date : Monday 27 May 2013 - 17:08
Some 350 English books have been considered for the English section of Martyr Avini Literary Award of which works will be selected for the jury.
Over 300 English books to be screened for Martyr Avini Literary Award

IBNA: A section for evaluating works of resistance literature, in international levels, was added to the award in its 2nd edition. The festival evaluates the works biennially. The Persian section will consider the books of the past two years while the international section will evaluate the works of the past 4 years, for it to be on a par with the Persian one. 

Works, for the international level, are being chosen since two years ago while some of them were picked up at the 26th Tehran International Book Fair. The international section will consider English and Arabic books, released from 2009 to 2012, themed on the Islamic Resistance, the executive manager of the international section Amir Shahryar Aminian said. 

Talking about the English part, he added: “Some 350 works will be evaluated in the groups of fiction, documentary literature, poetry, literary researches, political researches, novels, artistic studies and related works. Some 150 works are currently available while the complete information of the rest of the books has been compiled. Books which are approved by experts will be ordered for purchase.” 

A board of 6 will select the books which will be handed over to the jury chaired by Iranian and English language professors. 

Moreover 450 Arabic books have been considered mostly themed on Lebanon’s resistance literature. The English books are mostly translated from Arabic or written by European writers. 

The closing ceremony of the 2nd Martyr Avini Literary Award will be held in Tehran and the winners will be introduced in autumn. 

Martyr Avini Literary Award is an Iranian literary award organized by the Revayate Fath Institute and the Marty Avini Institute of Culture and Art. The award is named in honor of Seyyed Morteza Avini, who is considered a martyr in Iran. He was a well known Iranian television news personality who was killed in 1993 by a mine while covering a story about the Iran-Iraq conflict.

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