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Kazzazi: And Nietzsche Wept

Publish Date : Thursday 21 March 2013 - 13:53
Dr Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi suggests the reading of Irvin Yalom’s “And Nietzsche Wept” during Norouz as one of his favorite book in the last year. According to him, the story is a mixture of psychological and even psychoanalytical biography of the great German thinker.
Kazzazi: And Nietzsche Wept
IBNA: Choosing or suggesting only a single book is a hard task, but among the latest books I have read and been pleased is the novel “And Nietzsche Wept”, said Kazzazi.

The Shahnameh scholar added: “The story is in fact a psychological, rather psychoanalytical biography of the great German philosopher Nietzsche. Irvin Yalom develops his magnificent story with his stunning wit back to the depth of the nineteenth century facing Nietzsche with Josef Breuer.”

In this novel Nietzsche is shown as a patient suffering from migraine and panic attacks who should seek the aid of the greatest psychologist of his time, Dr Breuer. Yalom has masterfully composed strong dialogues between the main characters through which one can learn a lot about the science and philosophy of the nineteenth century.

There are two translations of the book available in Persian, one by Mahshid Mirmoezzi published by Nashre Ney that has already reached tenth reprint; the other by Sepideh Habib that is released by Qatreh Publications.
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