By Davood Fathali Beigi

“Siah-bazi a forbidden play” released

Publish Date : Wednesday 16 January 2013 - 15:19
“Siah-bazi a forbidden play” is a collection of five plays namely “The secret of the doll”, “The ridiculous sunset of Samsam Mirza”, “Mirza Ferfere”, “The wedding of Fairy King's Daughter with Malayer’s king” and “Forbidden play”.
“Siah-bazi a forbidden play” released
IBNA: The book is written by Davood Fathali Beigi who has also penned a preface to the book. 

“The secret of the doll” is based on a story of Tuti-nameh and was staged some 15 years ago in Tehran.
The collection’s plays have been staged during the previous years. The work somehow tries to revive the traditional plays of Siah-bazi and Ru-hozi. 

Siah-bazi is a type of folk play featuring a blackfaced harlequin who stirs the audience to laughter with amusing improvisations. 

Ru-hozi is a theatrical performance usually accompanied by tonbak music and a rhythmic narration. 

The collection of “Siah-bazi a forbidden play” has been released in 368 pages by Qatreh Publications.

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