Research works on Turkish poetry to be released

Publish Date : Monday 26 November 2012 - 15:16
Literary researcher Saleh Sadjadi has authored two new works on traditional and ironical Turkish poetry which will be published in the near future in Iran by Sorey Mehr Publishing Institute.
Research works on Turkish poetry to be released
IBNA: In a conversation with IBNA, Saleh Sadjadi said that many Turkish writers tend to produce repetitive works because of the lack of attention to their classical works.

He called the Turkish classical literature the literature of “tears and smiles” so far as Turkish poets have been adroit in both genres.

As he said, the unidentified literary fields in Iranian people are plentiful and many of them have been pitifully neglected as a result of wrong cultural policies. “If literature in various ethnic groups in Iran were taken more seriously, their riches would be more manifest today,” he added.

As much as 70% of Azeri poets compose pieces in Turkish, he stated, and because they are ignorant of their classical literature and language, they tend to resort to poetry works by poets from Turkey and Azerbaijan and as a consequence they create repetitive works, while a review of previous works leads to production of works with rich contents.

Sadjadi has prepared three trilogied on Turkish poetry on which he spent 6 years. One of the collections has been published by Soreye Mehr Publications and is entitled as Sonnets in Turkish Poetry. The tow other works are being prepared for publication by the same institute.

Ritual poetry in Turkish language is the theme of another trilogy by Sadjadi. Various forms of ritual poetry are considered in the collection, he said.

Contemporary ritual Turkish poetry is the subject of the third collection which encompasses all poetry genres in Turkish.

Irony in Turkish Poetry is the title of another book authored by Sadjadi. The book was an order from the Arts Bureau and is to be published in three volumes.

Born in Tabriz in 1976, Sadjadi is a graduate in management and educational programming from Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran. Not only a poet, he is a caricaturist as well.

Tension of Terms and the Light and Lily are two poetry collections released by Sadjadi previously. Moreover, he has had numerous other works on Turkish poetry published in Iran previously.
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