Translated by Reza Shirmarz

“Two modern one-act plays” in a book

Publish Date : Saturday 10 November 2012 - 12:04
“Two modern one-act plays” is a book holding works by Arthur Watkyn and J.A. Ferguson which have been translated into Persian by Reza Shirmarz.
“Two modern one-act plays” in a book
IBNA: “Two modern one-act plays” encompasses two plays namely Wanted - Mr Stuart by Arthur Watkyn and Such stuff as dreams by J.A. Ferguson which have been rendered into Persian by Reza Shirmarz. 

The Persian translation of “Two modern one-act plays” has been released in Iran by Qatreh in 58 pages. 

Reza Shirmarz is a noted Iranian translator who has so far translated several books including Speech for the stage by Evangeline Machlin, ‎The anatomy of drama by Marjorie ‎Boulton, Seven one- act plays by George Bernard Shaw, Golden boy: Awake and sing by Clifford Odets, Terence; the comedies, The world encyclopedia contemporary theatre Asia and The complete Greek drama; all the extant‭ tragedies.
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