Publish Date : Sunday 29 April 2012 - 10:11
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Persian translation of “Islam in Iran” unveiled

Tehran Times: The Persian translation of the second volume of Henry Corbin’s “En Islam Iranien” (Islam in Iran) was unveiled during a ceremony here on Saturday at the venue of Fars News Agency.

Translator Reza Kuhkan and editor Shahin Avani attended the ceremony where Avani talked about her years of cooperation with Corbin as a researcher at the Institute of Wisdom and Philosophy of Iran.

Henry Corbin (1903-1978) was a philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

At the session, Avani began to talk first and said that the review of the 4-volume book ‘En Islam Iranien’ shows that if an individual is after good research, he should study this book, which is actually an international research work.

“Corbin refers to the great sources in this book, which have not either been published in Iran nor in the Arab countries. Only some of them are found as manuscripts in our libraries,” she stated.

Avani added, “The author has spent 20 years on writing this book and has covered the shortages existing in some of the books written by our great scholars.

“So many books with the similar themes have so far been translated into Persian, but translating a book like this with such deep meaning from French into Persian was a lofty task carried out by scholar Kuhkan,” she mentioned.

Avani also added that, “Corbin has written the book for the people of the West. He was well aware of the viewpoints of Westerners about Islam and the East. And the translator has tried to complete the book in its translation for the Iranian readers and has added additional explanations in the footnotes.”

Kuhkan who spoke next explained about the Persian translation of the title of the book and said, “I did not want to restrict Islam to one specific pattern or nation. Corbin himself did not want that either.”


Allameh Shahidi Commemoration Due

Iran Daily: A national confab to commemorate the late Islamic historian Seyyed Jafar Shahidi will be held in his hometown Boroujerd in September.
The congress will be held by Tarbiat Modarres (instructor’s training) and Imam Sadeq (AS) universities in a joint effort with the provincial culture and Islamic guidance department, ISNA reported.
Born in Boroujerd, Lorestan province in 1918, Shahidi was a notable scholar of Persian language and literature and a renowned historian of Islam.
Shahidi, the former president of Allameh Dehkhoda Lexicography Foundation, was a biographer of the infallible household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
His outstanding personality was evident from his love for nurturing students and he taught literature and Islamic history for five decades.
His works include the translation of ‘Nahj ul-Balagheh’, ‘Uprising of Imam Hussein (AS)’ which deals with the third Imam’s struggle for justice, and ‘Life of Hazrat-e Fatemeh (SA)’ which is about the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Persian Gulf Collection to Open

Iran Daily: On the occasion of National Day of Persian Gulf on April 29, Iranology Foundation will receive visitors in its specialized library and an exhibition titled ‘Thought-Provoking Iran’.
According to the Public Relations of Iranology Foundation, the library boasts of 101,000 volumes in Persian, Arabic and foreign languages among which 550 volumes specifically concern Persian Gulf topic.
Other Persian Gulf-related documents kept in this center include 75 Persian and non-Persian reports, 18 thesis papers, and 197 pieces of documents such as photos, CDs, journals, Persian and foreign media, and geographical maps and drawings, IBNA said.
The ‘Thought-Provoking Iran’ collection divided into three sections of ‘people’, ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ takes the viewer to a journey throughout Iran familiarizing them with colorful nature and diverse cultures of Iranians.
During the slated days visitors can get familiar with Iranology Foundation Press especially with the ‘Persian Gulf Docs’ Project. The foundation has published a number of books on the identity of Persian Gulf most of which have won prizes such as Farabi Int’l Festival and Book of the Season Awards.
Iranology Foundation’s specialized library and exhibition are open to the public on Saturday and Sunday (April 28, 29, 2012) from 10 to 19. The center is located at Iran-Shenasi Street, South Sheikh Bahai Avenue, Tehran. For more information you can dial 88212009.


‘Anonymous’ Win Big At German Film Awards

Iran Daily: A film by Hollywood director Roland Emmerich portraying William Shakespeare as a fraud won six German Film Prize trophies on Friday at the world’s most lucrative movie honors with total prize money of around $4 million.
But the top award, best film, went to Andreas Dresen’s ‘Stopped on Track’ (‘Halt auf freier Strecke’), a portrait of a man dying from a brain tumor. It won in four categories overall, including director, actor and supporting actor. The six wins by ‘Anonymous,’ starring Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and filmed at Berlin’s Babelsberg Studios, came mostly in technical categories such as production design, costumes, cinematography and editing, according to AP.
The English-language film theorizes that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, penned works such as ‘King Lear’ and ‘Macbeth,’ and it depicts William Shakespeare as a drunken buffoon who could barely write his own name.
When ‘Anonymous’ was released in theatres last year, it was criticized by some Shakespeare scholars who said the theory was nonsense. It failed to earn major revenues at worldwide box offices, but did play well in Germany and even picked up an Oscar nomination in the United States for costume design.
Emmerich, better known for directing disaster movies such as ‘Independence Day’ and ‘2012,’ told Reuters he was surprised to win so many awards, but they had not altered the way he thought about the film.
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