As Tough as Iron 3: Ahmad Motavaselian

Publish Date : Wednesday 25 April 2012 - 14:14
The third volume of As Tough As Iron collection is about the life and campaigns of Haj Ahmad Motavaselian. The work is released by Alhoda International Publications.
As Tough as Iron 3: Ahmad Motavaselian
IBNA: Haj Ahmad Motavaselian was the commander Mohammad Rasoulollah Division 27. A short biography of his together with his revolution campaigns are collected in the volume.

The book consists of seven sections; Ahmad Motavaselian, A Man who Struggled, Motavaselian and the Revolution Guards Corps, Motavaselian Sent to Kurdistan, and Motavaselian goes to Khuzestan are some of the book’s sections.

A part of the book reads as follows: “He was born to a religious family. His father had no problem with him when he distributed revolutionary leaflets at nights or attended Quran commentary sessions in the mosque and returned home late, but no one in his family thought that a frail and diminishing figure like Ahmad, who had suffered heart problems from childhood and had undergone surgery once, could be interested in military affairs. Ahmad was in contact with religious groups who were seeking and fighting for an Islamic government. Besides propaganda these militia factions sometimes carried weapons. During his meetings with revolutionary comrades he had learned the theoretical and practical use of weapons or city partisan warfare and had attended a complete course…”

Ahmdad Motevaselian is one of the four Iranian diplomats and commander of the Iranian Revolution Guard unit in Baalbak that was reportedly kidnapped at an inspection point for the Lebanese Forces in north Lebanon on July 4, 1982. His fate was never determined and it is presumed he is dead.

The book is compiled by Zahra Rajabi Matin and is published in English and Arabic.
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