Mandela's book hits Iranian bookshelves

Publish Date : Sunday 12 February 2012 - 13:13
Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela has been rendered into Persian by Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi. Etela'at publication center has released the book in the Iranian market.
IBNA: In this gripping narrative, Mandela talks of what brought him to this point in his life and why he feels so much committed to his historic-national mission.

The title of the Persian rendition of the book is Mandela's Words and Thoughts so far as the original title does not convey the truth about the book to Persian readers, maintains the translator.

The book is Mandela's biography in a novel format. Journals kept on the run during the anti-apartheid struggle of the early 1960s; diaries and draft letters written in Robben Island and other South African prisons during his twenty-seven years of incarceration; notebooks from the postapartheid transition; private recorded conversations; speeches and correspondence written during his presidency—a historic collection of documents archived at the Nelson Mandela Foundation is brought together into a sweeping narrative of great immediacy and stunning power.

In Conversations with Myself, Mandela has created his own literature named after him. His 1994-released Long Walk to Freedom is one of his bestselling books. Since his release in 1990 from 27 years of incarceration, he has attended thousands of TV interviews, speeches, sermons and press conferences.

In Conversations with Myself, readers are welcome to Mandela's untold stories about his personal life in a riveting style never seen before in his works. The book is arranged in four parts: Pastoral, Drama, Epic, and Tragicomedy.
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