Samira Nozari's poems released in English

Publish Date : Wednesday 7 December 2011 - 16:57
The second collection of poems by Samira Nozari titled "Lonely Birthday" is published by Faradid Publications in English.
Samira Nozari
IBNA: According to Nozari, the volume includes 37 English poems in blank verse. 

The dominant atmosphere of these poems is sad and gloomy and they portray a nostalgic person that is eager to fly, said Nozari. 

"In other words, the persona of these poems wants to join the trees, water and stones in nature. The other reason for her nostalgia is lack of light. This theme reaches its height in the poem titled Blue Nostalgia". 

She continued: "The language of these poems is bitter as they are obsessed with the future of mankind. In other words, the use of natural elements carries the main purpose of the poems." 

Nozari added that the poems are rooted in society and social facts. 

The second volume of Nozari's poems includes an introduction by the poet and 37 English pieces, such as 'sorrow', 'tears', 'lonely', 'shadow', 'sleep', 'I and crow' and 'stranger'. 

In the poem 'color' one reads:
I look at the words on the paper
Stranger and incomprehensible
And multicolored mechanical
I become full of nothingness
I color myself
Not it feel the pain 

Samira Nozari was born in 1982 and graduated in chemical engineering. 

"Lonely Birthday" is published in 84 pages and 1000 copies by Faradid Publications.

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