Translated by Pouya Rofouei

"Distant Star" twinkles in Iran

Publish Date : Sunday 20 November 2011 - 11:24
"Distant Star" a novella by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño has been rendered into Persian by Pouya Rofouei and released in Iran by Bakhshayesh publications.
"Distant Star" twinkles in Iran
IBNA: "Distant Star" is penned by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, first published in Spanish in 1996. The story is based on the chapter "The Infamous Ramírez Hoffman" from Bolaño's book Nazi Literature in the Americas, where the protagonist's name is Carlos Ramírez Hoffman. However, the translator believes that there are large differences between this book and that chapter.

Roberto Bolaño Ávalos was born in Chile in 1953 and died at the age of 50. In 1999 he won the Rómulo Gallegos Prize for his novel Los detectives salvajes (The Savage Detectives), and in 2008 he was posthumously awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction for his novel 2666. Bolaño published ten novels, four short story collections and three collections of poetry in his lifetime.

"Distant Star" is narrated from a distance by Arturo B. (probably Belano, Bolaño's frequent stand-in) and tells the story of Alberto Ruiz-Tagle, an aviator who exploits the 1973 Chilean coup d'état to launch his own version of the New Chilean Poetry: a multi-media enterprise involving sky-writing, torture, photography, murder, and verse.

The book has been rendered into Persian by Pouya Rofouei and released by Bakhshayesh publications in 164 pages.

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