"Here is Iran" released in Bremen

Iranian pomes travel to Germany

Publish Date : Monday 17 October 2011 - 14:26
A collection of Iranian poet's poems has been released in Germany's Bremen in a book entitled "Here is Iran". The book, which has been released in German, includes works of some 30 Iranian poets which were mostly composed in German.
Iranian pomes travel to Germany
IBNA: Ali Abdollahi said:" The poetry collection was gathered by German poet Gerrit Wustmann. In order to release a collection in Germany, he asked some of the Iranian poets, who compose poems in German, to hand over their works to him."

According to Abdollahi some Iranian poets live in Germany and since many years ago Iranian poetries, in Germany, have been read in German.

Since the Iranian poets enjoy experiences in composing German poems, Gerrit Wustmann decided to present the works in Germany.

The book holds poems composed by Pegah Ahmadi, Farhad Ahmadkhan, Mirza Agha Asgari, Sara Ehsan, Mahmood Falaki, Ali Ghazanfari, Salem Khalfani, Mina Khani, Abdolreza Madjderey, Hossein Mansouri, Madjid Mohit, Leila Nouri Naini, Schirin Nowrousian, Nassrin Ranjbar Irani, Shahrouz Rashid, Negar L. Roubani, Ali Akbar Safaian, Dorna Safaian, Saeed, Mohammad Ali Shakibaei, Mitra Shahmoradi-Strohmaier, Mikal Numa Shayegi, Javad Talee, Sanaz Zaresani and Kathy Zarnegin.

Works of Pegah Ahmadi, Houshang Ebtehaj, Shahrouz Rashid and a other few have been translated into German while the other poems were composed in the same language.

Compiled by Gerrit Wustmann, the book has been released in 243 pages which includes a 12-page preface as well as every poet's short biography.

The book was released by Sujet publication in Bremen a few days ago.

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