Corbin's Iranian Islam travels to Iran

Publish Date : Tuesday 5 July 2011 - 13:22
Two volumes of the four-volume "Iranian Islam" of Henry Corbin are rendered into Persian. According to the translator, the work encompasses different aspects of the culture and spirituality of Islamic Iran from the beginning to the moment.
IBNA: Ensha-allah Rahmati regarded "Iranian Islam" as the most important work of Henry Corbin and announced that translation of the second and first volumes is over. 

He added: "In the first volume of the series, Corbin deals with the Twelver Shia, while the second volume focuses on Suhrevardi and Persian Platonians. The third volume then introduces other figures such as Seyyed Heidar Amoli and Rouzbehan Baghali Shirazi and the fourth volume is about late Shia philosophers. 

According to Rahmati, these volumes offer an in-depth portrait of different aspects of Islamic Iran or Iranian Islam's culture and spiritualism. "Publication of such a work in Iran would definitely have positive effects on researchers," he continued. 

Referring to other translations of Corbin, he explained: "Henry Corbin's works are so complex that entail interpretations and different translations would add up to its perception. 

The book "Iranian Islam" will be released by Sofia Publications.

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