Islamic anthropology precedes the western one

Publish Date : Wednesday 13 April 2011 - 14:45
Writer of "The Philosophy of Anthropology" tends to prove that Muslim philosophers have proposed their theories more than seven hundred years ago. In this book he compares these ideas with the western mode of anthropology.
Islamic anthropology precedes the western one
IBNA: Dr Yahya Kabir said: "In this work I have tried to prove that Islamic revelation in particular and the religion of Islam in gerenal have a lot to say in six branches of anthropology."
He added: "Islamic philosophers have also added a lot to the fields of philosophical, mystic, socio-religious, historical and physical anthropology." 

Kabir reminded that this book shows that Quran and traditions have concretized these six fields of anthropology and this is visible in many parts and discussions. 

Referring to the seven hundred years of history of anthropology among Muslim philosophers, he said: "This is while western thinkers have only proposed these ideas in the late two-hundred years." 

He continued: "Sunjects like Levi-Straus's method of anthropological criticism, Hegel's historical anthropology, social anthropology of Marx and Schleiermacher's religious anthropology are all discussed in this work in comparison with superior theories of Islamic thinkers." 

Reacting to the question whether inherent fundamental differences between western and Islamic thought can devaluate any comparison, he explained: "In anthropology one cannot say there is any difference between the principles of western and eastern thought." 

According to him, in western anthropology, any ideas based on a different direction are severely criticized while one cannot ignore commonalities. 

Then referring to his spending thirty years on the study of anthropology, he said: "so I am not that unfamiliar with the western trend of anthropology and when writing a critique of western anthropology I have paid utmost attention to scientific terms and with respect to its positive points." 

"The Philosophy of Anthropology" – a new work in the field of comparative anthropology – will be soon released by the Religious Press.
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