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Final results of Ibna survey about "Curriculum Supplements" market in Iran / Table

15 Aug 2014 - 0:29

You think "Curriculum Supplements" publishing market in Iran are useful or just "Generating Money Machine" for publishers? We asked this query from main publishers in country.

Ibna has surveyed from 7 July 2014 of experts about Curriculum Supplement And now we see the results in the table below:

 name and title of expertsopinion
1Majid Jahani/manager of Tehran University PublishingWe can not say "Book" to "pamphlets" in educational market, because of their procreation like Mushroom 
2Hossein Naami/ Modaresan Sharif publishingEducatoinal and "Curriculum Supplement"Publishers are not Not tradesman
3Esfandyar Motamedi/Chairman of the Scientific Association of Physics Teachers"Curriculum Supplement" Publishers has bubble Growing
4 Hossein Hajari/ research deputy of SAMT Publishing There is no legal mechanism to monitor Graduate Entrance Books
5 Raed Faridzadeh / head of Shahid Beheshti University publishing We can`t use “Compilation” word for "Curriculum Supplement" books
6 Yahyaa Dehghani / Manager of Mobtakeran Institute Unfortunately ministry of sciences haven’t got monitoring system on “pre Concour Exams” for Postgraduate education level
7 Safar BeigZadeh / Authorized publishing expert Regarding to law all “Curriculum supplements” are “Compiling”
8 Roya Baradar/ Deputy of education and research of Alzahra University Have to monitor on “Curriculum supplement” by ministry of sciences and Ministry of Education
9 Mozafar Sharifi/ Ministry of Sciences, Head of policy maker office Have to define special mission for standardization of sources of “Curriculum supplement”
10 Hussein kaffashian / Manager of Pardazesh Publishing Unprofessional Publishers has made “tradesman flow”
11 Saeid Haratian / Manager of Parsineh publishing Existing “need”, existing “Speculation”
12 Faramarz Ashnaye Ghasemi / Manager of Publishing section of Rajaei University “Tradesman” and “Speculation” for “Curriculum Supplement” publishers is not “blind spot” and “foible”
13 Gholamreza Ramezannia/ Head of Publishing office of polytechnic university Source of “Curriculum Supplement” are “Quick way”
14 Shahdad Sahbani / Manager of institute of Sanjesh Avval Problem coming from weakness in Educational infrastructures
15 Farhad Teymourzadeh / Teymourzadeh Publishing Formerly, Publishers did not dare to use illegal Publishing
16 Soheil Vatandoost/ Manager of Institute of high education Sanjesh Takmili  Supply 4000 “Curriculum Supplement” titles in 3 years is not rational
17 Ahmad Hojir / Manager of Pouran pajouhesh Publishing People look like CCTV
18 Reza Safikhani / Sales manager of Sharif University Publishing How a “Curriculum Supplement” small Publisher becoming Giant?
19 Mohammad Taghi Erfanpour / Manager of “Nashre Oloume Daneshgahi” publishing “Curriculum Supplement” has not related to Science and Science Literacy!
20 Shahrouz Ghahvareh /Head of Nourpardazan Publishing Degree-Oriented Theory, main reason of booming “Curriculum Supplement” publishing market
21 Masoud Paidar / Manager of “Nashr Ketab Daneshgahi” Publishing “Demand” is main reason of booming “Curriculum Supplement” publishing market