You think "Curriculum Supplements" publishing market in Iran are useful or just "Generating Money Machine" for publishers? We asked this query from main publishers in country.
Final results of Ibna survey about "Curriculum Supplements" market in Iran / Table
Ibna has surveyed from 7 July 2014 of experts about Curriculum Supplement And now we see the results in the table below:

 name and title of expertsopinion
1Majid Jahani/manager of Tehran University PublishingWe can not say "Book" to "pamphlets" in educational market, because of their procreation like Mushroom 
2Hossein Naami/ Modaresan Sharif publishingEducatoinal and "Curriculum Supplement"Publishers are not Not tradesman
3Esfandyar Motamedi/Chairman of the Scientific Association of Physics Teachers"Curriculum Supplement" Publishers has bubble Growing
4 Hossein Hajari/ research deputy of SAMT Publishing There is no legal mechanism to monitor Graduate Entrance Books
5 Raed Faridzadeh / head of Shahid Beheshti University publishing We can`t use “Compilation” word for "Curriculum Supplement" books
6 Yahyaa Dehghani / Manager of Mobtakeran Institute Unfortunately ministry of sciences haven’t got monitoring system on “pre Concour Exams” for Postgraduate education level
7 Safar BeigZadeh / Authorized publishing expert Regarding to law all “Curriculum supplements” are “Compiling”
8 Roya Baradar/ Deputy of education and research of Alzahra University Have to monitor on “Curriculum supplement” by ministry of sciences and Ministry of Education
9 Mozafar Sharifi/ Ministry of Sciences, Head of policy maker office Have to define special mission for standardization of sources of “Curriculum supplement”
10 Hussein kaffashian / Manager of Pardazesh Publishing Unprofessional Publishers has made “tradesman flow”
11 Saeid Haratian / Manager of Parsineh publishing Existing “need”, existing “Speculation”
12 Faramarz Ashnaye Ghasemi / Manager of Publishing section of Rajaei University “Tradesman” and “Speculation” for “Curriculum Supplement” publishers is not “blind spot” and “foible”
13 Gholamreza Ramezannia/ Head of Publishing office of polytechnic university Source of “Curriculum Supplement” are “Quick way”
14 Shahdad Sahbani / Manager of institute of Sanjesh Avval Problem coming from weakness in Educational infrastructures
15 Farhad Teymourzadeh / Teymourzadeh Publishing Formerly, Publishers did not dare to use illegal Publishing
16 Soheil Vatandoost/ Manager of Institute of high education Sanjesh Takmili  Supply 4000 “Curriculum Supplement” titles in 3 years is not rational
17 Ahmad Hojir / Manager of Pouran pajouhesh Publishing People look like CCTV
18 Reza Safikhani / Sales manager of Sharif University Publishing How a “Curriculum Supplement” small Publisher becoming Giant?
19 Mohammad Taghi Erfanpour / Manager of “Nashre Oloume Daneshgahi” publishing “Curriculum Supplement” has not related to Science and Science Literacy!
20 Shahrouz Ghahvareh /Head of Nourpardazan Publishing Degree-Oriented Theory, main reason of booming “Curriculum Supplement” publishing market
21 Masoud Paidar / Manager of “Nashr Ketab Daneshgahi” Publishing “Demand” is main reason of booming “Curriculum Supplement” publishing market
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