Davari Ardakani in the Scientific Memorial of Roger Garaudy:

Marxist Garaudy's thoughts were clearly different from Stalin and Lenin dialectics

At the meeting held on "scientific memorial of Roger Garaudy", the Academy of Science chairman said: the first philosophical book I read was Garaudy's "Materialism ". Reading Garaudy's book, I felt that the person is not materialist and communist , and his thoughts differs obviously from what had been written by Stalin and Lenin about the history of dialectic.
Marxist Garaudy
IBNA: Roger Garaudy's Scientific Memorial was held at the Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought on Monday July 2. R. Davari Ardakani, the president of Academy of Sciences and Ayatollah Tskhiri, the head of Islamic Religions Taqrib Organization were two of the meeting stockman. 

Referring to his acquaintance with Roger Garaudy from his youth, Davari Ardakani said: I knew Roger Garaudy as a Marxist. Perhaps the first philosophical book that I read was a small book, written by Garaudy on materialism. This book had been published by Azad Press belonged to the then Tudeh Party in Iran.

He added: reading the Garaudy's book I felt since then that this person was by no means a Communist and Materialist; and his thoughts differs obviously from what had been written by Stalin and Lenin about the history of dialectic.

Emphasizing on the domination of ethic throughout Garaudy life; Academy of Sciences' president said: Garaudy's great advantage was his moral aspect. It was clear in that small book as well. 

He added: at first Garaudy was not religious and had no religious upbringing. He first joined the Protestant religion and then the Communist Party. His personality was unrest, he progressed rapidly in the party, and soon in his youth he could get the membership of the Central Committee of the France Communist Party. At the time when France had Communists like Louis Althusser, Garaudy could become one of the main theorists of the Communist Party.

Davari pointed out to the declaration released by Garaudy showing he had joined Catholicism and caused him to be fired from Communist Party and said: in this Declaration, he indicated his moral objection to the party. He was opposed to Existentialism, while those like "Koujet" confirmed it. Garaudy but advocated of Human Communism and Socialism.

He pointed to the apparent conflict between Communism and Religion and said: that is while it is quoted from one of the great French writers as saying;" Marxism is a kind of nonism (religious law). "Those who were killed for in the way of communism were called "martyr" i.e. (Shahid) that is a religious term. In Marxism, Garaudy was seeking for ethic; and after he did not find it joint Catholicism, but he did not also hesitate a moment in the religion. Examining Garaudy's books we understand that he had not studied much about religion, but his religious taste and understanding led him toward religion.

The philosophy professor then talked about Garaudy's becoming a Muslim and remaining so up to the end of his life, and added: the Holocaust (killing of Jews by the Nazis) is not an issue to be dealt with by the Communist Garaudy, although he never defended Hitler as well.

Davari continued: Roger Garaudy enjoyed a philosophical understanding and through the same understanding, he found that the anti-racism claim of Jews is going to lead a kind of racism itself. He clearly protested about the fabricated story of the killing of 6 million Jews and questioned it. He even wrote a book on the issue due to which he was trialed.

At the end he referred to the Garaudy's book he had read in his youth and said: I have read several books about Communism some of which I should rather never read at all. For example if I never read the "Dialectic" I would never miss an important story, but after reading Garaudy's "Materialism" I did not have such a feeling.

Ayatollah Tskhiri was next spokesman. At the beginning of his speech he pointed out to the book titled: "Eqtesadona" i.e. Our Economy, written by Shahid Mohammad Baqer Sadr the criticism of Marx's ideas in this book and said: One of the topics discussed by Marxist Garaudy is scientific revolution in the history. He believed that scientific developments in the human society are the results of the economic status and the level of productive forces.

He offered this idea in the book titled as "Materialism". Shahid Mohammad Baqer Sadr criticized the theory in "Eqtesadona". He believed that the productive forces are not the creator of scientific developments and argued that if it was so the scientific level of Andalusia was not so higher than that of other parts of Europe. Europe enjoyed productive forces, but the scientific level of Andalusia was superior to other regions of Europe. Communism theories were collapsed by Shahid's arguments introduces in this book.

The head of Islamic Religions Taqrib Organization emphasized: Garaudy had a revolutionary morality beneficial to humanity. Due to his intellectual motion he chose three religions during his life. He explains in his book that the Catholic version of Christianity is indeed its apostasy. With the same token, he considered Zionism as apostasy in Judaism and Wahhabi as apostasy in Islam. He called King Fahd as a political prostitute and believed that the purification of Islam is being impeded by Saudi Arabia.

In another part of his speech he said: Garaudy had a revolutionary and humane spirit. I can remember when he had come Iran and I was his host; one of the officials asked him:" Now that you have been visiting the post revolution Iran what is mostly attractive to you in the country?" and he answered: " the balance and unity made between religion and life in the public everyday life is the phenomenon occurred after revolution in Iran and seems most important to me.

Ayatollah Tskhiri added: Garaudy had been trying to hold a Religions Dialogue conference in Spain particularly in Cordova and finally in 1987 he was able to do so successfully. Ayatollah Janati and I had attended the meeting. He had selected with Cordova [a city in the south of Spain where once was ruled by Muslims] special care for this meeting.

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