Eighth Session on "Shahnameh Studies" was held

Abu Mahboub: Epics, are linked with the Outset of Nation's Formation

Emphasizing on the issue that some sociologists relate the different types of literary forms to the different ages, Ahmad Abu Mahboub said: "From this perspective, epic is related to the formation outset of a nation or ethnicity, in other words it covers the childhood and adolescence of a nation or ethnic group". The researcher was giving a lecture at another session of the meeting series on "Shahnameh studies" last week.
Abu Mahboub: Epics, are linked with the Outset of Nation
IBNA: Eighth session of the lessons series on "Shahnameh studies" was held in the House of Literati attended by A. Abu Mahboub, as the instructor of this course and a group of people interested in Shahnameh, at 17:00 pm, on June 19.

In this session, Abu Mahboub recited verses of the "Shahnameh" in which explanations have been given about how Fereydoun divided the world among his three sons. Meanwhile, he also described the difficult words or expressions applied in the lines as well.

Then Abu Mahboub said: Sociologically, epic is related to the outset of an ethnicity or a nation's shaping, in other words it covers the childhood and adolescence of a nation or ethnic group.

He added: in general, arguing about literary types some sociologists has associated each type with different ages of life human being.

The researcher emphasized that for a nation, epic plays in a sense the role of proving itself and explained: Thus epic is a kind of nationality proving, but some nations have no epic. This means that they have not entered this stage. For example, we have not epic in Arabic literature; rather there are tribal wars in the literature which are different from epic at all. 

He continued: those epics associated with the myths also represent childhood or adolescence of a nation, since in the sociological literary typology, myths are associated with childhood and epics in turn come out of the bottom of myths heart.

Abu Mahboub noted: in general when human grows and become older, he reaches the youth stage and falls in love. Lyric literature results from this period.

In other parts of his speech he emphasized: in the part of myths in "Shahnameh" and then to the historical periods we are facing in a sense with proving identity in an epic and as a result a debate between Iranian and non-Iranian is ever seen.

The teacher of this session referred to the meaning of character and explained: character means a person's behavior and attitude in various situations. A national character means the attitude of people or a nation with other nations, in a special circumstance as well.

He continued the discussion raising a few questions: reading these verses we will be aware of Salm and Toor campaign toward the East and West, after these lands were divided between. Now the question is: if the whole world belongs to Fereydoun, then why his sons start the battle. Whether the campaign has been ordered just for the sake of war or for intimidation or establishment or was it only a sort of companion?

Abu Mahboub emphasizing the need to respond to these questions stated: this campaign shows indeed a kind of military development, but does not necessarily mean a military conflict. Considering the migration of Aryans, since they were horse breeder, rider and shooter, so they were warrior than the other local people and this feature implies their militancy.

He added: in other words corps always show the same features and indicate militancy and courage. So this campaign is in a sense a military escort and on the other hand shows that another tribes I mean the indigenous peoples were still living in the land .

In this story, Fereydoun gives Iraj his youngest son the land of Iran,Thus, about Iraj nothing is said about army and the campaign at all.

The researcher said: considering Iraj personality as it has been said before, he is psychologically a tolerant man. Iraj indicates therefore some sort of establishment. So in relation with him, the discussions of army and campaign are not opened.

He explained: Salm and Tour on the other hand are symbols of leaving Iran, but Iraj remains with his father. We had seen before- during the tests the three sons had already gone through - that Iraj is more dependent on Fereydoun. So Iraj shows a kind of ancestry and dependency on ancestry that is in turn the outset of democracy.

In the other part of the meeting, Abu Mahboub continued to tell the next section of this story referring to Salm and tour complaining of the world division done by their father between them after passage of years and said: This section discusses about declining Fereydoun's power which lead to a battle the among the three brothers. This indicates a crash in the power of Fereydoun and "Shahnameh" speaks in this regard explicitly.

He continued: power declining means indeed emerging a weakened from within. This decline in power is based on three general issues. First, the power declining due to being older, that is the same matter of time .Second is dimness in affairs which represents a kind of ambiguity and obscurity and third is greediness that is of a moral concept.

The professor said: Greed literally means avidity. On the other hand the collocation of Salm with greed introduces an external force which is of greedy nature , in other words, the external force has greedy eyes.

He emphasized that a democratic regime, is a hierarchical system in which the elder son is the most important one and said: in this story Fereydoun has disturbed the order and give Iran the junior son, such an activity is seen among the folkloric legends as well.

Abu Mahboub referred again to the declining in the power of Fereydoun in this story and explained: in general, power destruction after its weakness from within is done by a foreign flick from outside and the invasion of Salm and Tour to Iran is indeed the same foreign flick and shows that Fereydoun period is still the time of inter-blending.

At the end, He emphasized on the issue that during these meeting he deals with some sort of analyzing the theories and views of Ferdowsi and said: generally speaking, one of techniques applied by Ferdowsi is to portrait the spiritual conditions of the different personage and characters of Shahnameh.

The eighth session of the lesson series on "Shahnameh Studies" held in the House of Literary, located in No.2, Khajeh Nasir Alley, South Palestine Street, Revolution Avenue, from 17:00 to 18:30 pm. on Tuesday (June 19).
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