Discussed in the review meeting of "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production"

New Sciences Review requires Fully Understood Theories

The book, "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production" worked by Mustafa Agha Mohammad- Lou was unveiled with Ehsan Ghasemian as a critic in the School of Economic Sciences. Ghasemian emphasized that being trans-shaped by the West culture, is the biggest problem of Iranians peoples and said: we need investigation, research and critique of various theories, but the later is impossible except with the theories which are Fully Understood.
New Sciences Review requires Fully Understood Theories
IBNA: At a meeting held on May 26 Agha Mohammad-Lou, the book author, and Ehsan Ghasemian, the critic, discussed about the book and its different approaches as well

In addition to the book unveiling, the experts tried to provide solutions for improvement in the field of humanities.

After reading the introduction and preface of the book, the host of the program also considered "Scientific Nativism" as one of the major concerns and said: This book applies "Monotheism" as the context of extracting meaning and ultimately reaches scientific propositions and science production as well.

Then Ehsan Ghasemian began his speech reading the statement on science production and the various theories in this field. In parts of the statement which described the book and its research topics, he introduced Liberalism and Open Mindedness as the basic distinction between animal and human and said: The option was in thinking and this in turn brought pluralism about, but a kind of multiplicity which is not pluralisticc, rather is manifested in the exact unity.

He put such studies in challenge with super theories and added: mankind is not indeed the creator of science and wisdom, but he should rather indicate himself in actualizing them.

Reciting the words of Will Durant the expert said: "There is no civilization more wonderful than the Islamic one" and thus added: the imported humanities cannot be deleted and this discussion does not mean that we are to remove these ideas. The first step to be taken is perception and the next one is to criticize the theories consequently.

Ghasemian said: "Science production is too large to contain something called politics" and then explained: "the production of science cannot be achieved through circulars. A suitable context should be provided in which you will be able to transform this area through scanning.

He assessed the results as satisfactory and added: despite of the resources shortage, this work could come to existence, while works with such an attitude are rarely seen. Some evaluated it as of low academic level, however, the author consolidated his statements by using the old and new scientists' ideas, under the light of which, he has expressed his main ideas clearly. In fact, by changing the structure of the human sciences, he has contributed to the evolution of this process and it is a strong argumentation to confront with the critics.

Then Ghasemian, Mo'meni and Agha Mohammad-Lou talked about the book, "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production", and asked the author several questions.

Regarding the concepts used in this book, Agha Mohammad-Lou said: last week the same contents in the format of an essay participated in a heavy atmosphere of competition and received good reception.

Regarding localization and the content presented in this book he said: indigenous idea originates from cultural identity and a thinking based process. So considering the thinking evolution and the process of Islam arrival we will see that even before Islam a monotheistic atmosphere and belief in a unique existent had always been with humans and it cannot be eliminated from human thought.

This author talked about an Iranian-Islamic pattern of progress and the slights and extremes of this area and added: politics shouldn't be considered as infrastructure in all analysis.

Agha Mohammad-Lou continued his words on how the West looks at science and said: what defines the boundary between belief and disbelief in the field of science is the type of target, the way of looking at and enjoying of science. Darwin had a purely physical look at science, but what is raised in Islamic Epistemology is that all have come from God and will return to Him.

Explaining about the book "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production" the author said: for the first time in Iran we tried to innovate in souvenirs and create scientific predicates in an operational and functional manner. One of the academic standards in this book was enjoying from the issue of monotheism which is viewed as a scientific predicate so that other sciences can be reached through it.

About the difference between science, cognition and knowledge he said: a specific definition of science should be offered. All kinds of knowledge can be considered as cognition, but any cognition is not science. You can claim to have done a scientific work only when a scientific term is extracted, and this has happened in the book, "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production; the Theory of Monotheism ".

This scholar emphasized on the Quranic verse saying: "All have come from God and will return to Him" and provided an explanation about the impact of this verse on the scientific concepts presented in his book.

The main problem of societies– as Ghasemian said in the middle of Agha Mohammad-Lou talking- is that we pay too much attention to the western thinkers and their ideas and explained: every one welcomes the great scientists' words and statements, but if an Iranian young theorist, raises his/her idea we will all try to cancel it .

He referred to the hundred years of need for native making in the country and said: In the past Farabi and other Iranian scholars in the world, were prominent and considered in the world but today the circumstances have changed and slights and extremes have made us not to be able to have science production at all.

In addition to focus on localization, Ghasemian said in this session that: however, we are not to say that the West is not but a blasphemy and should not be mattered; rather we are to say that we need to criticize new sciences, that is achieved through taking an Iranian-Islamic approach.

The book "A Modern Souvenir in Science Production" is written in 99 pages and is published and launched to the book market for the first time by Sedaghat publications in this year.

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