The fourth and fifth volumes of the "Journal of Persian Gulf" unveiled in a ceremony held on Thursday, May 10. The prominent feature of this work -as Mojtaba Tabrizniya expressed- is that its articles are all original. He then spoke on the necessity of research in this field.
"Journal of Persian Gulf" unveiled at Book Fair
IBNA: the unveiling ceremony of the fourth and fifth volumes of "Journal of Persian Gulf" was held at 16 - 20 PM, on Thursday, May 10, in the main hall of House of Literati at 25th International Book Fair in Tehran.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mojtaba Tabrizniya, one of the authors of this work, about the work's publication said: the fourth and fifth volumes of this work were published in April 29; coincident with the "National Day of Persian Gulf". This project started after the Gulf's name has been changed, the action which led to Iranians reaction. The research collection compilation was initiated in order to defend the country's absolute rights in this regard.

He further remarked about the whys of naming April 29 as the "National Day of Persian Gulf" and explained more about an award called:" The Best Book of Persian Gulf " as well as it's necessity and importance. 

About the content of these two volumes, Tabrizniya said: the fourth volume of this Journal includes 21 articles written in 560 pages, and the fifth one contains 24 articles in 552 pages. Observing time sequence, all these studies are written in the fields of history, archaeology, Anthropology and manuscripts' introduction as well.

He emphasized on the articles originality as the prominent feature of this work; that is all the articles are originally compiled to be presented in this work, and said: we tried not to use translated papers in these two last volumes. Moreover, by the use of documents obtained and offered here , we tried to make the research results permanent in this field.

Employing local researchers and especially those from the southern areas of the country; was another topic reminded by Tabrizniya. He added: these two works have been compiled with the help of the local researchers who enjoy a better understanding of the geographical atmosphere of the area. Besides, other related professors and students were involved.

Alireza Khalifeh Zadeh, another lecturer in this meeting referred to the interesting points hidden in the research field of Persian Gulf and added: there are many books in which this issue has been mentioned, but it is necessary to focus on it specifically.There are still many local documents that remain untapped, and now researchers are expected to deal with this area and reveal the hidden secrets. We should strive to remove the dust of oblivion from them. 

Then the Persian Gulf researcher pointed out to the importance of this Journal and said: rightfully, this work laid hands on those points under debate in the contexts of history, political history, historical geography and archaeology and can be considered as the result of all the researchers' efforts throughout the country.

Referring to Tabrizniya who said that all the researchers and authors of this collection were local he also said: A Team of professors from all over the country were involved in this collection and Mr. Tabrizniya is one of them. The Iranian people are proud to support the name of Persian Gulf.

Khlifeh Zadeh, emphasized on importance of further researches in this regards and added: We should strive to be the exporter of essays in this field, and should not wait and expect other countries give us information about Iran. Of course, careful attention should be paid to other books published in this field, and those works written in other languages should be translated in Persian as well.

The contents of these books have been divided into three main parts of "Historical Research"; "Archaeological Research" and "Anthropological Research ". Fatima. Najafi, Siamak Sarlak, Sarah Maria Mayer, Abdullah Safarzaei, Alireza Khosrrow zadeh, Mehdi Fotovat and Hassan Kiyan-e- Rad are amongst those who have papers in this collection.

The fourth and fifth volumes of this collection have been published with the efforts of Dr, Abdulrsoul Kheirandish and Mojtaba Tabriziyan and by Book House Publication , at a total price of 22 5000 R.

At the end of this meeting the symbolic unveiling ceremony of the fourth and fifth volumes of this series was also held with Tabriziyan and Khalifeh Zadeh.

Twenty-Fifth Tehran International Book Fair is open till the May 12 at the Feast of Imam Khomeini (RA).

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