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Purchasing books on “Sacred Defense” among Culture Ministry priorities

  Purchasing books on “Sacred Defense” among Culture Ministry priorities

IBNA- On the sidelines of his visit to Sacred Defense Books Fair, the Iranian Minister of Culture, Ali Jannati stated that buying the books which elaborate on the Sacred Defense is one of the priorities of his ministry.

IBNA-The Italian researcher and the member of faculty at the University of Venice said that Islam studies as well as Iranian studies are highly accomplished in Italy but these activities have not been recognized by the Iranian researchers.
IBNA- After signing an agreement with Tehran University on Saturday, German Springer publication Institute its readiness to increase the debt number of Iranian English-language journals on Monday.
Iran to host “Future of Culture International Congress”
IBNA- The Iranian Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (IHCS) called for the International Congress of Future of Culture, scheduled to be held in the next year.
Noush-Afarin Ansari
IBNA-The 15th volume of Children and Adolescent Encyclopedia will be unveiled today during a ceremony as Touran Mirhadi, Noush-60 Afarin Ansari along with the other members of Children’s Book Council will attend it.
Kazzazi’s travelogue to New York will be introduced
IBNA- The travelogue of Iranian literature professor and poet, Mir Jalal al-Din Kazzazi on his forty days travel to the United States and particularly New York we’d be introduced at a special meeting of Tehran’s book city on Monday, October 6.
Abu-Torab Khosravi
IBNA- The award winning Iranian novelist Abu-Torab Khosravi, believes that the modern literature should be incorporated into the school courses as Alain Robbe-Grillet and Marguerite Duras are taught in French schools.
Kiumars Monshizadeh
IBNA- Noted Iranian scholar and poet, Kiumars Monshizadeh believes that the reason the legendary Iranian mystic and poet Molana (Rumi) has soared to international fame lies in the fact that he was ahead of his time.
70 books on “Sacred Defense” heading to Frankfurt Fair
IBNA- International secretary of Society of the Iranian Sacred Defense Books Publishers said among 400 works translated on this issue, 70 books will be showcased at Frankfurt Book Fair.
Tabriz International Book Fair to kick off on Monday
IBNA- The 12th Tabriz International Book Fair will be held Monday, September 29 as 800 domestic and 120 foreign publishers from 42 countries will attend it.
University books publisher releases books in Russian and Chinese
IBNA-The Iranian Organization of Research and Composing Textbooks on Humanities (SAMT) announced the publication and release of its three new books in Russian and Chinese.
Tax-exempt for Iranian publishers approved by National Tax Administration
IBNA- Replying to an official letter sent by Tehran’s publishers and booksellers union, the Iranian Culture Ministry announced that the issue of tax exempt for the Iranian publishers has been considered and approved by the National Tax Administration.
The late Hossein Monzavi
IBNA- The brother-in-law of the late Iranian Azeri poet Hossein Monzavi (1936–2003) and the translator of his poems said that he aims to universalize the poet.
Culture Minister’s diaries from the “imposed war” reviewed
IBNA- Memoires of the Iranian Culture Minister Ali Jannati from the days of “sacred defense” have been compiled in a book which portrays the bravery of those who confronted Iraqi army in defense of their land.
Abbas Salehi, Ali Jannati and Farid Ghasemi
IBNA- Visiting various departments of IBNA and Iran's Book House, the Culture Minister Ali Jannati appreciated the efforts made by these two centers in providing information and promotional works for the books.
International Congress of Iranologists in Montreal reviewed
IBNA- Two cultural centers in Tehran invited Dariush Borbor (PhD), an architect and Iranologist to give an overview of the issues discussed at the International Society of Iranian Studies (ISIS) 2014, held in Montreal, Canada.
Mansour Owj
IBNA- The acclaimed Iranian poet, Mansour Owji said that the president and his government should fulfill their promises and they should resist some who try to disturb the cultural situation of the society.
190 Iranian books heading to Frankfurt Book Fair
IBNA- The list of the Iranian books which are heading to Frankfurt International Book Fair was announced, the list includes books such as ‘Shahnameh’ (Book of Kings) from Manuscript to Publication, Kelidar and The Chronology of Osama bin Laden.
Culture Minister opens Iran’s Center of Book Research
IBNA- Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ali Jannati attended the official opening ceremony of the Center of Book Research affiliated to Iran’s Book House held on Sunday, September 21.
Orhan Pamuk
IBNA- Two Persian Translations of ‘The Silent House’, the second important novel by Turkish leading author Orhan Pamuk have been published recently in Tehran, between them the version published by Nashr-e Negah (Negah Publication Institute) has become unavailable ten day after its first release.
Jannati: Seizing the hearts of people was Shahriar’s art
IBNA- In a message to the International Conference of Honoring Shahriar, Iran’s Minister of Culture Ali Jannati said that people appreciate and praise a poet whose poems reflect their life and culture.
Roshan Ravan and the cover of his book
IBNA- The unveiling ceremony of the book ‘Applied Harmony’ by the prominent Iranian composer Kambiz Roshan Ravan will be held at the presence of several masters of Iran’s music such as Farhad Fakhreddini, Shahin Farhat and Esmaeil Tehrani.
Najaf Ali Mirzaei
IBNA- In the preface of 'Scientific and Executive Track Record of Iran's Book House', Director General of Iran's Book House Najaf Ali Mirzaei writes: "Several damages inflicted upon the sad fate of books in Iran."