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‘Book of Gaza’ features short stories on oppressed Palestinians

  ‘Book of Gaza’ features short stories on oppressed Palestinians

IBNA- Atef Abu Saif, the editor of ‘The Book of Gaza: A City in Short Fiction’ has compiled 10 short stories from 10 writers which in different styles narrate the oppressions against Palestinians and their miserable life during the last four decades.

IBNA- At an Iftar ceremony attended by Hassan Rouhani and several Iranian artists and literati, the President stated that government officials and artists both should serve people.
IBNA- Serving the researchers and enthusiasts of Palestinian issues, The Library of Iranian Center for Palestine Studies offers more than 8000 book which 2862 of them are in Persian.
Joining Universal Copyright Convention beneficial for Iranian print industry
IBNA- Due to lack of sufficient information about copyright infringement, some Iranian publishers are against joining the Universal Copyright Convention, says the director of Jame’e Negar Publishing Institute in Tehran.
First Iranian psychologist woman was Piajet’s student
IBNA- Professor Parirokh Dadsetan is known as the first Iranian psychologist woman as well as the founder of Transformational Psychology in our country.
Fatemeh Motamed-Arya
IBNA- After 15 years away from stage, the acclaimed Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed-Arya is performing in a new Iranian production of Bertolt Brecht’s masterpiece play, ‘Mother Courage and Her Children’ at Tehran’s City Theater.
Ali Jannati
IBNA- “Iran's culture Minister, Ali Jannati has translated five books about Palestine crises and the resistance of Palestinian people,” says Hossein Olfati, an advisor to Culture Minister.
Kamran Faani
IBNA- The 10th edition of ‘The Seagull’ a play by Russian legendary author and playwright Anton Chekhov translated into Persian by Kamran Faani was released.
President Rouhani to hold Ramadan feast with literati
IBNA- A feast of eftar (breaking the fast) to be attended by President Hassan Rouhani and several Iranian literati is scheduled to be held on Friday, July 25.
First authored Persian book on Catholic Church released
IBNA- The book, ‘Understanding the Roman Catholic Church’ co-authored by Javad Baqbani and Abbas Rasoulzadeh was released. It is the first Persian languageauthored book about the largest Christian church in the world.
Hamid Reza Sadr
IBNA- Referring to the astonishing defeat of Brazil by Germany in FIFA World Cup 2014, football critic Hamid Reza Sadr says this incident provides a material for Latin American fiction writers.
Simin Behbahani
IBNA- Eminent Iranian poetess Simin Behbahani said that the Culture Minister [Ali Jannati] is so great personality that she doesn’t have any suggestion for him, but hopes a better ground is provided for people’s ideas to express their ideas.”
George Jordac and Mohammad Reza Assadzadeh
IBNA- In an exclusive interview with IBNA’s Chief Editor Mohammad Reza Assadzadeh, outstanding Lebanese Christian writer- scholar George Jordac elaborated on his book ‘Imam Ali, the Voice of Human Justice’, believing it’s the mouthpiece of all humans.
Call for partaking at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair
IBNA- Iran's Association of Children and Young Adults’ Book Publishers issued a call for participation at the 66th Frankfurt Book Fair.
Persian translation of world’s first surrealist novel ended
IBNA- ‘Nadja’, the most celebrated work by the outstanding French author André Breton and the first surralist novel in the world which has been translated into Persian by Abbas Pejman, will be published.
Dariush Sahyegan
IBNA- ‘Five Realms of Being’, a new book by the prominent Iranian philosopher and writer Dariush Sahyegan which features his views about five legendary Persian mystics, thinkers and poets will be published.
Hashemi: Censors must know that people’s hearts beat for truth
IBNA- During a meeting with the Iranian Culture Minister, journalists and cultural activists, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council stated that censors must know that people’s hearts always beat for truth.
The best rewriters and illustrators of ancient texts receive awards
IBNA- Secretary General of Iran’s Children Book’s Council Noushafarin Ansari said that this year, Mahdi Azar Yazdi Literary Award is given to the best rewriters and illustrators of the ancient texts with the aim of reviving the power of properly recreating such texts.
Book on Kiarostami’s workshop in Spain welcomed by Iranians
IBNA- ‘Abbas Kiarostami and Lessons on Cinema’ which features the subjects Iranian eminent filmmaker taught during his course on cinema in Spain has been warmly welcomed by the Iranian book and cinema enthusiasts.
Sadegh Zibakalam
IBNA- Noted politics professor of Tehran University and writer, Sadegh Zibakalam believes that insignificance knowledge of political science has led to the emergence of vague translations of books and articles on this subject.
IBNA- Due to its popularity, the 22nd International Holy Quran Exhibition which kicked off on June 25, was extended until Tuesday, July 22.
The 10th edition of Dowlatabadi’s three-volume novel released
IBNA- The 10th edition of ‘Passed Times of the Elderly’ a three-volume novel by the leading Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was published by Nashr-e Cheshmeh Publication Institute.
Yadollah Royaee
IBNA- A selection of poems already compiled in 5 books by the leading Iranian modernist poet Yadollah Royaee was released.